Garlic Oil
Garlic Oil
   Garlic Oil | Truffle Oil

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Garlic Infused Oil

Infusing oil is an easy way to make dressings, dipping sauces, and more flavorful recipes. Garlic is a favorite for infusing as it quickly imparts a pungent flavor which easily adds to a variety of recipes and styles of cooking. Garlic is used in most traditional and ethnic styles of cooking. Adding the flavor to your oil, in addition to using fresh garlic or as a substitute, gives the true taste of the root, without much of the bitterness which is often associated with it. Garlic Infused Oil is becoming increasingly popular at super markets and specialty retailers; however, the process is very easy to do in your own kitchen.

These oils are increasingly becoming more popular at restaurants and at stores. There is now nearly always a selection of already infused oils in grocers, whether national or local. Infused oils tend to be more expensive than others. This is not only due to the extra work put into flavoring the oil. It is also indicative of the fact that mostly higher quality, traditional oils that undergo an infusing process. Olive Oil is the most common variety of oil to be infused. Garlic Survival Co, Extravagonzo, Drogheria and Alimentari, A L'Olivier, Barbera Frantoia, Abruzzo, and others all offer garlic infused olive oil, some with additional herbs or flavors. Most of the olive oils come from Italy or the Mediterranean. Avocado oil is also an available variety for infusing. Most avocado oils, like Grove, come from New Zealand.

Because of the less-utilized source for oils, these tend to be just as high quality yet less expensive than their European cousins. Other less common oils include Macadamia nut oil, canola oil, flax seed oil, and Grapeseed oil. Because they tend to have stronger flavors, these types of oils can often be useful for recipes that do not require cooking: dressing, dipping sauce, aiolis, or mayonnaise.

Making oil yourself is a fun and often cost-effective experiment. Like most recipes, you must first ensure that you are using high quality ingredients to get high quality results. Olive oil is the easiest and most practical to get ahold of in the US for these purposes, although others are fine if readily available. Extra-Virgin olive oil tends to already have a strong taste. Use regular olive oil to get an infusion that is more true to its elements or if you intend to use the infused oil for cooking. This insures that the ingredients stay true to taste.
   Obtain a strong wooden peanut butter stirrer. Instruct your kids to cook their own meals at cooking camps for kids.